Functions of the Board

The functions of the Board as contained in its enabling Act are as follows:

a) to advise the Federal Government on, and co-ordinate all aspects of technical and vocational education falling outside the universities and to make recommendations on the national policy necessary for the training of technicians, craftsmen, and other middle-level and skilled manpower;

b)to determine, after consultation with the National Manpower Board, the Industrial Training Fund and such other bodies as it considers appropriate, the skilled and middle-level manpower needs of the country in the industrial, commercial and other relevant fields for the purpose of planning training facilities and in particular to prepare periodic master-plans for the balanced and co-ordinate development of polytechnics and such plans shall include;

i) the general programmes to be pursued by polytechnics in order to maximize the use of available facilities and avoid unnecessary duplication while ensuring that they are adequate to the manpower needs of the country;

ii) recommendations for the establishment and location of new polytechnics as and when considered necessary.

iii) to inquire into and advise the Federal Government on the financial needs, both recurrent and capital, of polytechnics and other technical institutions to enable them meet the objectives of producing the trained manpower needs of the country;

iv) to receive block grants from the Federal Government and allocate them to polytechnics in accordance with such formula as may be laid down by the Federal Executive Council;

v) to act as the agency for channeling all external aid to polytechnics in Nigeria;

vi) to advise on, and take steps to harmonize entry requirements and duration of courses at technical institutions;

vii) to lay down standards of skill to be attained and to continually review such standards as necessitated by technological and national needs;

viii) to review methods of assessment of students and trainees and to develop a scheme of national certification for technicians, craftsmen, and other skilled personnel in collaboration with ministries and organization having technical training programmes;

ix) to undertake periodic review of the terms and conditions of service of personnel in polytechnics and to make recommendations thereon to the Federal Government;

x) to collate, analyze and publish information relating to technical and vocational education;

xi) to consider any matter pertaining to technical or technological education as may be referred to it from time to time by the Minister;

xii) to carry out such other activities as are conducive to the discharge of its functions.

In addition to the above, paragraphs 8(1) and 8(2) of Act 16 of 1993 states as follows:

"The responsibility for the establishment of minimum standards in Polytechnics, Technical Colleges and other technical institutions in the Federation shall be vested in the Minister after consultation with the National Board for Technical Education and thereafter the Board shall have responsibility for the maintenance of such standards".

"The Board shall have power to accredit programmes of all institutions mentioned in subsection (i) above for the purpose of award of national Certificates and diplomas and other similar awards, and for entry into national and zonal examinations in respect of such institutions". Read More