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Click to download Curricula for Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs)
1-NID in Agriculture 11-NID in Networking System Security
2-NID in Banking Operations 12-NID in Paralegal
3-NID in Building Construction 13-NID in Performing and Media Arts
4-NID in Computer Hardware Technology 14-NID in Petroleum Geosciences
5-NID in Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy 15-NID in Security Mgt and Tech
6-NID in ECCE Management 16-NID in Shipping Management
7-NID in Film and TV Production 17-NID in Software Engineering
8-NID in Marine Eng Tech 18-NID in Telecommunications Tech
9-NID in Multimedia Technology 19-NID in Welding and Fabrication
10-NID in Music 20-IEI Common Courses


Click to download Curricula for Vocational Enterprise Institutions (VEIs)
1-NVC in Computer Studies 11-NVC in Hospitality and Tourism Studies
2-NVC in Agricuture 12-NVC in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
3-NVC in Automotive Mechatronics 13-NVC in Office Secretarial Assistant
4-NVC in Block Laying and Concreting 14-NVC in Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
5-NVC in Carpentry and Joinery 15-NVC in Printing Technology
6-NVC in Cosmetologyand Beauty Theraphy 16-NVC in Radio, TV and GSM Servicing
7-NVC in Electrical Installation and Repair Work 17-NVC in Refrigeration and Airconditioning
8-NVC in Fabrication and Welding 18-VEI Common Courses
9-NVC in Fashion Design  
10-NVC in Furniture Making and Upholstery